Learn to Read with the Litkidz Reading Curriculum

Use Litkidz Reading Tutor services

Litkidz can help your children learn to read by providing a tailor-made curriculum, taught by Laura Duggan, an experienced reading tutor.

Using the Litkidz Reading Curriculum, I take children from pre-reading through third grade. With over 30 years of working with children, I will work with your child or children as a reading tutor via online technology at a schedule convenient to you.

I also work with older children one-on-one as a reading tutor in areas such as comprehension and writing. Visit this page to see more about my background.

To discuss scheduling a class, please email me at lduggan at litkidz.com or use the contact form on the Reading Magic page. The base price is $65/hour for one student. Contact me for special rates, such as for multiple students, or discounts for pre-scheduling multiple classes.

The Litkidz dynamic reading curriculum is built for flexibility, whether it’s used as a standalone home-school educational program or as supplemental reading support outside the classroom. The curriculum has been broken into discrete classes for flexible scheduling. Please use the links below to see the details of the classes, which can be tailored to meet individual needs.

  1. EARLY LITERACY (age 5)
  2. EARLY READERS (ages 5 – 7): 2 parts
  3. EMERGING READERS (5 – 8): 3 parts