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Read reviews of great children’s books and find the perfect book for your children. Browse our library of the best in children’s books, or, use the alphabetic listing of kids books on the Complete Book List menu item.

We select children’s books that meet several criteria:

  • Well-written, worthy of being called Literature for Children, as opposed to just a children’s book
  • Valuable life-lesson or message that the main characters discover for themselves
  • Free of violence or offensive language
  • Imaginative

Everyone has their own tastes in books; the books here represent our editorial opinion, based on experience working with children, teaching, and being a parent and grandmother. We hope you find something you can share with your students, children, or grandchildren.

Listen, Slowly - A beautiful story of Viet Nam and a young American-born girl meeting her ancestral culture.

Listen, Slowly Read More »

children's book The Engineer & The Vaccine - In this old-fashioned story within a story, a timely message about vaccines is gently offered.

The Engineer & The Vaccine Read More »

children's book Echo Mountain - In this exceptional children's book, set in the Great Depression, we learn about intuitive skills for today as well...

Echo Mountain Read More »

children's book The Beatryce Prophecy - Published: 2021 Best for: 9 - 12 In this marvelous children's book by beloved author Kate DiCamillo, we discover the time-honored values of truth and loyalty.

The Beatryce Prophecy Read More »

elephant_children's book Every Home Needs an Elephant - In this delightful, readable children's book, with a small amount of graphic content that creates a change of pace, 9-year-old Sarah gets her voice...

Every Home Needs an Elephant Read More »

When Wrigley - children's book When Wrigley Sits on My Head - A children's book, and true story, written by a nine-year-old about his three-legged dog named Wrigley. Inspiring for other kids.

When Wrigley Sits on My Head Read More »

Read Aloud Story Time The Importance of Story Time - By Guest Contributor Tom Matthews, The simple act of reading out loud to a child has been proven to develop much more than knowledge of the topic of the book: it builds confidence with words. Together you are cultivating…

The Importance of Story Time Read More »

Children's book - Finding Langston Children’s Books for Diversity - Children's Books for Diversity Black Lives Matter. This list includes some of the transformative and inspiring African-American stories reviewed on Litkidz that celebrate Black Lives and diversity in many forms.

Children’s Books for Diversity Read More »

For Parents A Family of Readers - The Book Lover's Guide to Children's and Young Adult Literature by Roger Sutton and Martha Parravano, editors of the Horn Book Magazine Published 2010. What a great contribution to librarians and parents this book is. I wished I had read…

A Family of Readers Read More »

children's book - Giant from the Fire Sea Giant from the Fire Sea - Published: 2019 Theme: Value of Knowledge Best for: 9 to 11 "This giant's understanding came slowly, seasons upon seasons. I looked and looked at the markings-letters, you mans call them... The letters held open my head, like a stick propping…

Giant from the Fire Sea Read More »