The Engineer & The Vaccine

by Steven Raimondi, published 2021

Jimmy learned that it was alright to be afraid, but with the help from people we love we can do anything. Jimmy and his family knew that vaccines save lives.

children's bookThere could not be an more opportune time than now for this old-fashioned story of overcoming fears and, dare I say it, vaccine hesitancy. In this illustrated children’s book, Steven tells a story in a story, to illustrate how past experiences and loved ones can get us through our somewhat irrational fears. The children’s book is illustrated in a simple, child-like way, creating a feeling that you are watching the story unfold in the mind of the storyteller.

An added bonus to this children’s book is the sensitivity shown by the author Steven who, as an autistic adult, has the ability to tap into the unspoken fears. In today’s world, the unspoken fears surrounding us are not just children but adults. I hope that the adults who read this children’s book to their children can take the message to heart. It is quite simple and direct: unless all of us are protected, none of us are.

With gratitude to Steven for boldly putting his message out into the culture.

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