Published: 2006
Theme: Utopian World
Best for: ages 10 and up

“The old porcupine was standing over me, hands on his hips. He was wearing pants that were held up by straps and there was a hole in the back where his tail stuck out.” This book is a like a half-way house for readers who still need pictures – half graphic novel, half proper literary style – and an engrossing futuristic utopia.

Published: 2013
Theme: Power to Create
Best for: 8 and up

“[The Gods] did tell one another what they would make once they got back to work, if only they had the energy, and if only they had the time, but in truth their world was still unfinished, still had many gaps and spaces in it, and there was still much making to be done.” This book has a profound message for all ages – within each of us is the power of the Gods to create our world, and… we must be responsible…

Published: 2007
Theme: Finding One’s Destiny
Best for: 9 and up

“Hugo had become a thief to survive and help the automaton. What would his punishment be? Was he now going to spend the rest of his life behind the counter of this toy booth like the old man?…There had to be something else.” To spend time with this children’s book is a one-of-a-kind experience. The full-page illustrations complement the very dramatic unfolding of events…