Parent Resources

Helping your child read

Here are some interesting websites and articles with tips on easy ways to encourage reading skills at home:

Sign up for Reading Classes

We have created an online learning platform for early readers. You can schedule one-on-one classes, or create a cohort of two to three children.

Work with a Reading Specialist

Find out more about how friendly assistance can make a difference in your child’s reading skills.

Parent Involvement in Literacy

This is a recent article highlighting the various ways that parents can help increase literacy at home


 One of the best ways to inspire reading is first to inspire the love of stories. In his unique book, Dad, Tell Me A Story, John McCormick shows parents how easy it is to begin the tradition of storytelling with your children. Don’t wait to try this one.

 Neurological Impress Reading

Of all the methods I would recommend, Neurological Impress is the most useful and easiest one to implement. Take time to read this article, and try it out.

Reading Rockets

I love this site. It has so many reading resources, including videos of TV episodes, articles by experts, and lots and lots of useful information for reading. Fabulous public service website.

Get Ready To Read

This interesting website offers recommendations for reading readiness in Kindergarten.  I encourage parents not to be too aggressive about kindergarten reading, as it is so important to let children have time to develop their physical coordination first before encouraging reading.

Reading Coach

If your child is struggling a bit to get the hang of reading, sometimes a little extra support can make a big difference. LitKidz offers reading support for 2nd and 3rd grade students, for both public school and Waldorf School children. To find out more, contact us via email (lduggan at Your information is always kept confidential.

Developmental Editor

Do you need an editor for your writing of non-fiction education or children’s fiction. Please contact us via email (lduggan at ) or find out more about our services at or via Bay Area Editors.


If you are thinking of self-publishing your own book for children, please consider Nicasio Press.

Nicasio Press creates Print-on-Demand books where the authors keep 100% of the royalties. We provide design and editing services, and our pricing is comparable with other print-on-demand services.