Published 2008
Theme: Innate Wisdom of Children
Best for: 11 and older

“It was because of the king. Because he was brave and true to what he believed in and wouldn’t let himself be bullied. Because he knew that if you have power you must use it well and not be afraid.” A book that celebrates the power of independence in children’s lives..

Published 2001
Theme: Adventure and self-discovery
Best for: ages 10 and up
Five Stars

“Perhaps I’m mad–and the professor, too–but I think children must lead big lives…if it is in them to do so.” What is the mark of a great children’s book, really? For me, it is the feeling of immense goodness about the world that rises up when I finally read the last word of the book…

Published 2012
Theme: Relationships – Humans and Animals
Best for: ages 9 and up

The tears are barely dry on my cheeks as I write this. Reading The One and Only Ivan was both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. You get to experience their fullness of heart, their magnificence as animals. And at the end, it’s impossible not to cry–out of joy, out of relief…