Zero Grandparents

A First Chapter Book
by Michelle Edwards, published 2001

“Next Wednesday is Grandparents Day.” Calliope dumped all her candy on the table. “And I don’t have any grandparents to bring.”

Zero Grandparents Children's BookWow. Talk about being direct. This children’s book is completely out there with a kid’s feelings, and it’s a first chapter book, no less. It has a reasonably simple vocabulary, and a very honest look at how a kid might handle a challenging situation: grandparents day with no grandparent, because they’ve all died. As a grandma, I love this children’s book, because it addresses the precious relationship between grandchildren and grandparents. I love a book that reminds us to cherish our past.

Creating a good First Chapter Book is an art. The challenge is to create an interesting and compelling story line while keeping the language simple. Michelle Edwards certainly succeeded in this book, which is one of a few others in a collection she calls the Jackson Friends series. I can’t vouch for the others, but I recommend this one whether the grandparents are alive or not. I would say this children’s book is best for age 6 to 8.

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