When You Reach Me

by Rebecca Stead, 2009

“It’s the jumping, from one diamond to the next, that we call time, but like I said, time doesn’t really exist. All the diamonds on the ring are happening at the same time….All the diamonds exist at once.”

When You Reach Me - Children's BookPhilosophers of every culture have examined the question of Time. What is it? Is it real? Here’s a children’s book that attempts to bring these questions to a child’s mind, simply to evoke profound inquiry, and, have some fun. Building on some of the elements of the classic children’s book, A Wrinkle in Time, this very contemporary mystery unfolds in a complex weaving of different times and places.

Everything in the beginning of this children’s book turned me off – pop culture, quiz shows, New York City…But I stayed with it, and discovered an amazing, thought-provoking story centered around the idea of time-travel, and questioning what time itself really means.

I think this children’s book will work well for very thoughtful young readers. It is not a superficial story, so the reader must engage their mind to stay with the ideas that are constantly being provided, while trying, along with the heroine, to solve a very puzzling series of notes she is receiving.

In the end, this children’s book has wisdom, and evokes very sincere compassion. It is a profound story that transcends itself. Probably best for 11 and up, but an inquiring 10-year-old might make sense of it.

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