Thursdays with the Crown

by Jessica Day George, published 2014

“Celie was the one the Castle loved best. She was the one who had raised and trained a griffin. She was the one who had found the broken piece of the Eye and restored it to is rightful place…”

Children's book - Thursdays with the CrownIn one short paragraph, the reader is supposedly caught up with the two stories which make up the beginning of this children’s book series. Alas, it’s really not sufficient, because if I had not read the other two books, this children’s book would make little sense. In my review of book 2, I complained that writing a cliff hanger as a marketing ploy seems unethical in a children’s book. It’s hard to put that aside, as the three books in the series are really one long book.

If you are wondering why I am including this children’s book in the website collection, it’s because it does serve a unique purpose – it is written simply enough for a good reader in the third or fourth grade to easily manage the book. And yet it is a complex fantasy.

Is this children’s book great literature? Not in comparison with other books on my website. But if it will get children reading, especially boys who might like the adventure of it, then it’s worthy of respect. I think it has the potential to interest some children who might otherwise be bored with a tamer book. In addition, there’s really no violence or anything objectionable in the book, which counts for a lot.

I like the other books by Jessica George more, but , but I think this book for younger children serves a useful purpose in a school library.

Book 1: Tuesdays at the Castle

Book 2: Wednesdays in the Tower


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