The Puzzling World of Winston Breen

by Eric Berlin, published 2007

“One of his favorite puzzles was: What is something you can break just by saying your name?” “Oh, wait, I know that one,” Winston said…

Children's Book - The Puzzling World of Winston BreenThis is the first children’s book in a series of puzzle and mystery books that aim directly for kids who love both puzzles and mysteries. Each of the books is filled with puzzles which lead to the story’s solution, as well as other puzzles thrown in just for fun. In this case, the story is about finding a hidden treasure, and each clue leads to the next.

I read these children’s books out of order, starting with the second, then the third, and finally this one, the first. In all honesty, I liked the other two better for only one reason: (spoiler alert) the ending of this book has the criminal holding a gun on the kid’s family, while the ending unfolds. I have a big aversion to guns in general, especially in children’s book. Nothing bad happens, but I do think it is important for parents to know that the element of a life-threatening situation is placed at the end of what would other wise be an excellent mystery.

I normally don’t include a children’s book on the website if I can’t stand 100% behind it. However, since this is part of a series, I thought it would be fine to include it. At the same time, you could read the other two books without this one, and still be perfectly happy with your fill of puzzles to solve.

(PS: Did you get the answer to the puzzle above?… )

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