Smarty Marty Steps Up Her Game

by Amy Gutierrez, published  2017

“If she didn’t try announcing the game, she knew she’d regret it…  Everyone wanted to be the announcer. It was one of the most important jobs in baseball.”

Children's book - Smarty Marty Steps up her gameWhat does a leading major league baseball announcer do in her spare time? How about writing a children’s book or two. If it wasn’t amazing enough that Amy G. is a well-loved announcer for the San Francisco Giants (Go Giants!), she has just written a terrific children’s book about being a female announcer in a male sport. It’s goal is clear – encourage girls to break through the stereotypes, and do what they love. But who better to put that message out to girls than someone who’s done it herself.

This is the second children’s book by Amy G. Her first one, Smarty Marty’s Got Game,  was a little more light weight, and instructional in some way, about the game of baseball. This children’s book gets to the drama of being a girl surrounded by boys who might not welcome her presence. A very real-life telling and yet, a situation that is changing because of people like Amy.

I love the book, and of course, I love that Amy G. is lives in a neighboring town from mine. If you have any kids who love baseball, this is an excellent book, though it may appeal more to girls. Thanks, Amy G. for leveling the playing field!

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