Sir Cumference – Math Adventures

By Cindy Neuschwander, published 2002- 2017

Children's Math BooksSome of the Series:

Do you love math? Does your child love math? Do you teach math? Any ‘yes’ answer means these children’s math books are for you. Each illustrated children’s book in this large collection focuses on one math principal, develops it, ends with a witty comment, and helps illustrate and explain something mathematically important, with lots of fun along the way. Filled with characters like “Lady Di of Ameter,” “Bart Graf,” “Geo and Sym of Metry,” and more, puns and jokes fill the pages.

I’m indebted to my niece Ana for alerting me to these. Her school, a diverse ethnic and low-income charter  college prep school burned in the recent Northern California fires (donations to rebuild are accepted on their website.) She put out her wish list of things she lost, ones that made her math class so special, and this list of children’s math books was on it.

They are a must-have for any math teacher. While Ana teaches 7th and 8th grade, I think they could be used in any math classroom. I am inspired to post these books because they say so much about the difference that a young, motivated teacher can make in a child’s life. Having unique and accessible materials is just the start… Caring about the students as if they are family is really what makes it all work. I dedicate this “children’s math books” posting to Ana and all the young people like her, who have offered themselves as teachers to our children. Thank you, Ana.

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