Say Something!

by Peter Reynolds, published 2019

“If you see someone lonely, say something by just being there for them.”

Children's Book - Say SomethingPeter Reynolds is one of my favorite illustrators and children’s authors. His earlier books, including The Dot, and Ish, are homages to children’s creativity. In this short illustrated book, he offers simple advice, one that bears repeating: your voice counts. It is a children’s book to help keep the revolution going, where our young people refuse to stay silent. But this little children’s book is not really about protest. It is about knowing that you count, no matter who you are.

Peter Reynolds created a social change agency, FableVision, to help create “stories that matter, stories that move.” In this regard, I feel this little children’s book is telling children that they matter, and they too can create change, can create stories, can help others.

The book is filled with Reynold’s lovely art work, and each page brings a different point about how one can express oneself. I hope you find a young person to hold on your lap, and read with them. Then, let them have their say!

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