Little Angel’s Journey

by Dzvinka Hayda, published 2006

“Little Angel said to Great Angel, “Oh I want to go to Bountiful Earth.” “And so you shall, Little Angel, so you shall.”

children's book Little Angel's JourneyThis illustrated children’s book tells a sweet story that tells of the birth of a child, as it comes from heaven as an angel, born into a human family, with its heavenly gifts and its unique mission to fulfill. The story is pure Waldorf, but could be enjoyed by parents of any tradition, as it simply bears witness to the mystery of human birth and existence on this planet. The end of the book has a blank space so that the book could be personalized, adding your own child’s name as the main character.

The illustrations are lush and colorful, and the story is easily read aloud. It is likely the kind of story that a child will want to hear over and over. It might not have showed up on, but the author generously sent me this and her other illustrated children’s book, Natalia’s Journey to the Land of the Fairies. Looking at the illustrations, I felt they might find a nice home with some children, and wanted to make them more widely know. If you purchase either book directly from the author, she will personalize it, and of course, purchases directly are more supportive to authors than using Amazon.

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