Kepler’s Dream

by Juliet Bell, published 2012

“I felt like I was speaking a part in some out-of-date play. Who in the world calls their grandmother “Grandmother?” But “Grandma” didn’t seem to fit.”

Kepler's Dream - Children's bookThis children’s book, perfect for a middle-school girl, surprised me. The inside flap write-up had discouraged me from taking it home from the library for several months. When I finally did read it, I was sorry I waited so long. The story is well-written, and in a very mild way, involves a mystery to be solved. More importantly, the children’s book is about relationships – between parents, children, grandparents, and friends. Every relationship in the book is well-crafted, and shows the way that misunderstandings can create distance, and communication can create love and warmth.

I especially enjoyed the relationship between Ella and her grandmother, and the healing experience that came of their relationship. There’s not much else to say about this children’s book, except that it is well worth reading, and will be a nice addition for any school library as well. I think the best age for this one is 10 and up. Since the mom in the story is dealing with cancer, it may also work as a healing story for any child going through a family member’s illness.

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