Immigration Makes US Great

Children's Book - Girl in the TorchImmigration Makes US Great: Here are some wonderful children’s books to create more multicultural understanding about immigration and diversity in America. Most are historical fiction, and beautifully written. Let us celebrate all the value that open immigration has brought to the United States.

The Girl in the Torch

The struggle to arrive in America at the turn of the century. “Give my your tired, your hungry, your poor…” This lamp has lit American for centuries. The books on this list are meant to help keep that lamp burning brighter than ever.

Esperanza Rising

Exquisite book about Mexican immigrants on farms during the depression

Dancing Home

The discomfort of being an immigrant, and learning to celebrate heritage, as a young girl feels embarrassed by her heritage

Broken Song

Beautiful but heartbreaking story of a Russian-Jewish immigrant, a musician who finally heads to America

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky

Life in an Japanese Internment camp, filled with pathos and hope, and beautifully told


Life of a young Chinese immigrant in San Francisco, with an exciting story about flight.