Hate That Cat: A Novel

by Sharon Creech, published 2008

“The chair in my room
is like a pleasingly plump momma,
 big and squishy,
with stuffing poking out.”

Children's Book: Hate That CatOh no, not another children’s book by Sharon Creech, you might say. Yes, that’s what I said when I brought it home from the library. But again and again, she surprises me. This book is not like any other. For one thing, it is a novel, written all in verse. It is a child’s version of poetry for sure, as the main character, Jack, is learning to write poetry from a beloved teacher in school. However, it’s also a way of peeking into the inner life of this child, his loss of his dog, and his relationship with his parents. It’s also a look at a young person’s exquisite and evolving love of language.

So much is under the radar in the way Sharon Creech approaches subjects. For example, it’s okay to write bad poetry when you are just beginning. It’s wonderful to have a teacher who inspires you to keep going. It’s okay to express your feelings. And on and on. This author is one who really understands children and puts her writing skills to work in each children’s book. And how lovely to have a boy learning to write poetry in this book.

This is a sequel to another of her children’s books, Love That Dog, which I haven’t read (since I’m a cat lover.)
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