Fox Walked Alone

by Barbara Reid, published 2009

“Night after night/Fox walked alone,/came home to a bed made of feathers and stone/”

Illustrated children's bookThis illustrated children’s book was recommended by a friend, and I eagerly checked it out. As you may know, I don’t review that many illustrated books, and it was nice to have a highly-recommended addition. It is a charming little story of all the animals going two by two to the Ark, except Fox. In it’s own way, this little children’s book also brings alive the warmth that community can bring to any of us, even those who are satisfied being loners.

The lovely illustrations are enhanced with an excellent rhyming story. Each illustrated children’s book has its own charm, and to me, this one’s secret is it’s simplicity, and the somewhat surprise ending, as I wasn’t expecting the Ark at the end.

This is a fun little read-aloud, that children will enjoy coming back to just to look at the pictures, and eventually, to try and read outloud on their own.

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