Clementine and the Spring Trip

by Sara Pennypacker, published 2013

“Our Pentagon is a surprise my dad and I are building to celebrate the new baby coming. Our Pentagon is a table, one that will be just right for our new family because it has five sides, one for everybody.”

Clementine : Children's bookThis is the first Clementine children’s book I’ve read, (although it’s the most recent of the series), and if it represents the quality of the entire series, I’d say they are all winners. There’s a nice mix of humor, emotions, and easy reading that makes this a very attractive book for young children. The story moves along at a good pace, as it’s told from Clementine’s point of view. She is a very like-able character, perceptive and good natured. Some of the other characters are exaggerated both to make a point and create some humor in the story.

I can see 3rd, 4th and 5th graders enjoying the series, though as usual, since it features a female main character, the boys may be a bit shy approaching this children’s book. That’s actually a shame, since there are ample male characters in the book as well. However, after working with this age group, I do notice they are beginning to differentiate themselves.  The book could also be accessible to younger children if a parent read it with them. There’s nothing complicated about this children’s book at all. It’s just good, light, easy reading. Oh yes, and of course, a lovely ‘moral’ about standing up for what you believe in. However, even if it didn’t have such a worthy outcome, I’d still like the book!

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