Light Your Way – Children’s Books for the Holiday

Children's BooksA children’s book as a holiday gift can change a young person’s life. Watch and listen to this moving testimony about books and libraries by Maya Angelou, called

“A Library is a Rainbow in the Clouds”

She talks about the dark times of life, and how in the darkest of times, a book can light the way. We are in a dark time of the year, the light has dimmed, and many people are also dealing with serious social repercussions as well. Where do we find the light? Perhaps in children’s books.

While I am not a fan of ‘lists’ of children’s books, and prefer dealing with books one at a time, here is my list of children’s books for this year’s gift giving. They might inspire a child to see something great, take a stand against social injustice. or momentarily escape. Some are just so beautiful crafted that giving them as a gift is already uplifting.

PS: If you’ve been reading this website for a while, some titles are familiar- they are always on all my must-have lists!

Happy Holidays!

Star Girl – Marching to a different drummer; ages 11-14

Jake and Lilly – coming of age, bullying; ages 10-12

The Legend of Holly Claus – Love wins in the end; ages 9 and up.

Momo – I never get tired of recommending this classic; 9 and up

Echo – exquisite tale of music and destiny; ages 10 and up

The Pushcart War– humor; standing up against unfairness; 8 and up

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon– Chinese tales on gratitude; 8 and up

Castle Corona– Imaginative tale of contentment with beautiful art work; 6 and up

Any of the books by Patricia McLachlan– all gentle, generally ages 5 – 8

Any of the Squire’s Tales series – King Arthur tales updated; ages 9 – 11

Any of the Knight’s Tales series- by the same author but for younger readers, 6 – 8.