Beavers – Superpower Field Guide

Superpower Field Guide
by Rachel Poliquin, published 2018

“This is a beaver. Just an ordinary beaver. But even ordinary beavers are extraordinary. In fact, even ordinary beavers are superheroes.”

Beavers - Children's bookThis is a terrific, non-fiction, scientific children’s book all about beavers. Who knew that a book with facts could be so much fun? It is filled with fabulous illustrations, lots of lighthearted humor, and of course, lots of facts, big and little, about beavers. I highlight this children’s book because it represents a solid way of interesting younger readers in the natural world, and into science, in its own way. Everything about the book is geared towards today’s contemporary kids, who know about superheroes, and perhaps in some way, that the planet could use some saving.

There is nothing preachy in this children’s book, and yet, it lets us know that we need to safeguard and cherish all the animals in our ecosystems. It points out the healthy relationship between humans and animals. For beavers, this has been an on-going challenge, as some farmers didn’t enjoy the way beavers chewed up everything. Without making a big deal about it, the book gives us a better way to live in harmony with beavers.

I believe the author has two other “Superpower Field Guides” like this about several other animals; I saw a children’s book for moles and another one for ostriches; I hope to read both because they are just so much fun. The book can work as a read-aloud children’s book, or an easy read for anyone up to fifth grade. Great for a classroom library. I love, love, love this kind of reading.

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