Art Lessons From Grandma

by Denise Weiner & Mikayla Houston, published 2013

“In school, we have lots of rules. At home, there are lots of rules too. I’m learning that with with art, there really are no rules. That’s what makes it so great. Artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso created new ways to make paintings… “

Children's Book- Art Lessons from GrandmaThis children’s book has been submitted by Barbara, one of the Litkidz readers, who recommended it in this way:

“The book can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It offers information on art and many things to do, in an original way. This book is like no other art book for children. It not only offers art projects for children to do, it also educates them about art media, artists, color, etc., in a way that the child can understand. It’s not only hands-on, it’s also intelligent, without being too advanced. It’s fun, and the overall look of the pages are bright and cheerful.”

With that as a recommendation, I immediately bought this children’s book to see for myself, and was totally surprised. It is filled with wonderful illustrations of a grandma and her granddaughter, who grows through the book from infant to young girl. The family is multi-cultural, which makes this children’s book even more universal in its reach. The lessons that are offered to a growing girl through the medium of art projects are lessons that we could all take to heart, starting with Never be afraid to try new things.

I encourage any adult who loves bringing art to children to consider this children’s book. It illuminates how valuable it is to bring a child into the world of creativity. You might also want to visit the author’s website for more information and other art projects.