Published: 2000
Theme: Adventure and Fantasy
Best for: 9 and up

“A water rat scuttled away as the children felt their way along the narrow passage. It led to a canal, like so many of Venice’s alleys and passages…Someone had painted “Vietato Ingresso” in clumsy letters on the door- No entry.” Once again, I am dazzled by Cornelia Funke and her masterful way of putting characters and plot together that is memorable and exciting…

Published: 2018
Theme: Protection of Endangered Species
Best for: 9 to 12

“This story is for all who have the courage to protect instead of dominate, to save instead of plunder, and to preserve instead of destroy.” A sequel to Dragon Rider, this action-packed adventure with fantasy animals, is all about protecting all living beings.

Published: 2015
Theme: Monsters
Best for: 7 to 8

“Yes, he had to admit, Ruffleclaw had been quite a pest. Always hungry. Always tired. And he spat absolutely everywhere. And still… Tommy missed him.” Let’s start by admitting that this children’s book is aimed at being gross, and aimed at young boys who like to be gross…

Published: 2014
Theme: Bravery
Best for: 6 to 10

“Before they took off, Emma quickly wrote a note to her parents: “Don’t worry. I’m off with a pretty big genie to find his nose ring. And I have Tristan with me…” The “pretty big” was of course an exaggeration…” In this small children’s book, Emma helps a genie regain his power. Great for young readers who are ready for easy chapter books, or as a read-aloud.

Published: 2004
Theme: Fantasy
Best for: 8 and up

“The Rim of Heaven.” Slatebeard closed his eyelids. “Its mountains are so tall that they touch the sky. Moonstone caves lie hidden among its slopes, and the floor of the valley is covered with blue flowers.” Imagine in one children’s book: brownies, dwarfs, dragons, sea serpents, a giant Roc, and even a homunculi. Add the magic of the Himalayas and a Tibetan monastery, and adventure soars to another level.

Published: 2007
Theme: Bravery
Best for: 9 and up

“Twelve! And I haven’t had a single real adventure. How will I ever get to be a famous knight?… I’m going to die of boredom, you wait and see! Maybe not overnight, but definitely before my next birthday!” I love this children’s book. It has all the elements of fun, especially if you are a fan of books about knights. There’s humor, adventure, magic, and wonderful heroes and heroines…

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