Published: 2000-2010
Theme: Arthurian Tales
Best for: 9 and up

“Knight, holy man, family, poet–it is all that any land could want. If the knight will be honorable, the holy man true, the family loving..And if the poet will sing. After all, someone needs to tell the story of Arthur.” I went on a “Knights of the Round Table” binge, reading all the remaining stories of the Squire’s Tales that I had not yet read. Reading these children’s books is somewhat like candy for the heart, mind, and soul.

Published: 2011
Theme: Courtesy
Best for: 6 to 9

“King Arthur covered his eyes with his hands. Sometimes in those early days he wondered what it would take to prove to his knights that courtesy was as important as courage.” In this series, Morris takes some of the same King Arthur legends, but reworks them for a younger audience. Children could read this book cover to cover, and enjoy both the writing and the message.

Published: 2003
Theme: Simplicity of Heart
Best for: 11 and up

“More animals appeared, and then from behind Dinadan came a gentle piping sound, like the wind whistling through chinks in a wall, but the piping kept time with Dinadan’s song. Then, to Dinadan’s wonder, it began to play in counterpoint to his own melody.” Each children’s book in the Squire’s Tales series is a re-telling of an Arthurian tale. This one retells Tristam and Isolde, adapted for children…