by Tor Seidler, published 2004

“Toes had never heard of a chaconne, or a partita, but whatever they were, the music sounded far more angelic than devilish. In fact, if there was such a thing as a heaven for cats, the Bach piece took Toes there on a visit.”

Toes - Children's bookThis is such an imaginative children’s book that it is completely fun to read it and suspend any question of belief or disbelief.  It’s a story of a cat with seven toes who carries out very un-catlike activities, and his friendship with a concert violinist. It’s a very touching and heartfelt story, even if it is quite exaggerated. The events are all told more or less from the point of view of the cat.

One reason I can recommend this children’s book is that it really is quite simple and tender, though slightly sad. There’s nothing complex or hard to figure out, and yet it offers such a sincere look at the possibility of animal-human communication, companionship, and love. There is no more unconditional love than what we receive from the animals in our life. I love that this children’s book celebrates that potential. If the young reader happens to also be a musician, the book will be even more meaningful.

Given that this children’s book lacks anything very scary or suspenseful, I think it’s best for younger readers between 9 and 10. Older children may not relate as much. It could possibly be a read-aloud book for 8-year-olds.
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Posted in Ages 9-12, Contemporary, Waldorf-Aligned
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