Three Stories You Can Read To Your Cat

by Sara Swan Miller, published 1997

“It was still raining! ‘This is terrible,’ you said. ‘What am I going to do all day?’ You sat down and gave yourself a bath.”

Children's book: Stories to Read to your CatHere’s a sweet little early reader/first chapter children’s book especially for kids who have cats they love. It’s so important to find any way possible to encourage new, emerging readers to love books and stories, so using the family pet as a way in is perfect. Indeed, as I blogged a few months ago, it is literally true that reading programs that let children read to cats (or dogs) have been highly successful.

This little children’s book works for several reasons. It has lovely illustrations to grab the young reader’s attention. The stories are written from the cat’s point of view. The stories are short, engaging and somewhat humorous. Finally, the sentences are short and simple, with easy vocabulary.

This is a great children’s book to read aloud to your 5 to 8-year-old, encouraging them to read any words that they might know. Little by little, they will find themselves reading more and more of this little book. Hopefully, they’ll also read it to the cat! There’s also a companion book called Stories You Can Read to Your Dog, which I haven’t read but I assume is of the same fine quality.

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Posted in Ages 5-8, Contemporary, First Chapter Book, Read-Aloud, Waldorf-Aligned
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