Little Cat’s Luck

By Marion Bauer, published 2016

“When you are expecting the moon, it can be hard to know what to say to a small red squirrel. But still, the little cat gathered herself quickly. She was a polite cat.”

Little Cat's Luck - Children's bookI was sitting on my porch, when a little orange cat came by, clearly looking for its own special place. It walked into my house, sniffed around, and purred. That was when I knew for sure I would have to review this children’s book, all about a little cat looking for its own place.

The whole story is told from the little cat’s point of view, and the animals are all personified. It makes for a bit of humor, as well as sweetness and sadness. There is one unexpected moment, when the little cat turns out to have kittens, and I go, “Huh? I thought it was an indoor cat.” However, I decided to skip over the biological impossibility, and assume parents will be able to handle it.

Despite reading like prose, this children’s book is formatted in short lines, as in a poem. This makes the book extremely suitable for a read-aloud, as well as convenient for young readers. I had avoided children’s books formatted this way, but as I read it, I realized it works. It makes the narrative very easy to take in. There are also lovely line drawings scattered throughout the children’s book.

Recommended for young children who love animals.

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Posted in Ages 5-8, Contemporary, Read-Aloud, Waldorf-Aligned
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