Igraine the Brave

by Cornelia Funke, published 2007

“Twelve! And I haven’t had a single real adventure. How will I ever get to be a famous knight?… I’m going to die of boredom, you wait and see! Maybe not overnight, but definitely before my next birthday!”

Children's book: Igraine the BraveI love this children’s book. It has all the elements of fun, especially if you are a fan of books about knights. Laced with references to heroes from King Arthur’s tales, such as the Woeful Knight, and Pelleas, we meet Igraine, a magician’s daughter who longs to be a knight, and gets her chance.

There’s humor, adventure, magic, and wonderful heroes and heroines in the mix of this children’s book. The parents get turned into pigs by mistake; the sorrowful knight gets to fight a longed-for battle, and Igraine becomes a real heroine. The writing is superb.

I have been unable to read many of Cornelia Funke’s other award-winning books because they are a bit too intense for me, so I am so glad she created books like these. They show her great skill and are suitable for those of us with less tolerance for darkness and evil! It’s a great children’s book for girls who are coming of age, though I would hope some boys would love it too.

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Posted in Ages 9-12, Contemporary, Inspiring for Girls
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